Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Time To Kill

I've been very busy for the past few days that's why I have not posted anything. And for 2 days I have finished reading "A Time To Kill". Surely, John Grisham's fans would dare ask me what "A Time To Kill" is. Because it is a legal suspense thriller written by Grisham.

I am a frustrated novelist and a frustrated lawyer wanna be too. My dreams of becoming a lawyer faded when I came to know some law students from my school and scared me of how their professors can be monstrous in many ways. A writer I didn't become, because I cannot even write a 1000 word article in a day's setting how much more a novel or book.

"A Time To Kill" was seen in movie houses too. I will really try to scout for the copy of the DVD of that adaptation. Less twists but the biggest is yet to happen on the last part of the book which makes me grasp for my breath. This book indeed is a thriller and a legal one.


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