Friday, October 15, 2010

Make or Break and Funky Feet Contest!

My friend Peh of Make or Break is hosting this contest on her blog, better try your luck and join the fun!

ARE YOU A FUNKY MOM? (or aunt. uncle, dad, lolo or lola)

* Then Like FUNKY FEET and Make or Break
* Click the SHARE button below this post and tag FUNKY FEET and Make or Break (You can do that by typing@Funkyfeet and @Make or Break) answering the question, Are you a funky mom? (or aunt, or uncle or lolo or lola)
* Contest runs from October 7- October 28
* Winners will be chosen by our friends from Proud Mama(prizes will be shipped by them too)
* Winners will be notified through their FB accounts :)

They will be raffling off 3 FUNKY FEET sets!


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