Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coca Cola Christmas Promo

Christmas is fast-approaching and every year it is customary for Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc to have a promotion for their products.

As I can remember it, Coca Cola had a promotion way back in 2007 a set of spoon and fork, all a consumer must do is to buy a 1 liter Coke look under the cap and must find the message "Free Spoon and Fork". In 2008, Coca Cola's next promotion was the Coca Cola Glass wherein a consumer must buy 1 liter Coke and collect at least seven caps to exchange it for the Coca Cola inspired Glass. And in 2009, Coca Cola's next promotion was the Coca Cola Plates. In order to own these plates, a consumer once again must collect seven caps to exchange for the plates.

And now, my dear readers, Coca Cola's promotions for December 2010 is a Coca Cola Glass again. Yeah, it is a Coca Cola Glass but it has different colors from the Coca Cola Glasses given last 2008. But this time, one does not only collect caps but also need to find a message under the cap which states "Free Glass". So, in order to have that Coca Cola Glass, the especially marked cap must be found plus four caps ( I think its four, I must clarify this first).

So, look out for the especially marked caps of 1 liter Coke, Sprite or Royal Tru Orange or the 1.25 and 1.5 products of Coca Cola Company.


  1. Thanks for the information sis...

  2. sure no probs sis :) i am giving my readers a heads up lalo na ung interested to collect coca cola inspired products :)

  3. we collected those plastic glasses but they break real easy.. guess they were for decoration purposes only..