Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beauty Madness:Hair Care and Skin Care

I have been invited by Riz to join her Meme, and I am always busy on a Saturday that is why I am merging my two topics this Saturday for missing the other topic last week.

I am a freak for freebies, and currently my shampoo and my conditioner was given to me by Sunsilk. Thanks to them for a month-long free hair care products.

I don't go to the saloon every now and then, I am a cheapskate so I won't spend a dollar or two for shampooing, hot oil and other services they offer. All I do is wash my hair when I needed to, you need to skip shampoos once in a while for some obvious reason such as, natural oil keeps your hair looking great.And these are my hauls for my Skin Care. All the things you can see in the picture, are gifts from my friends (see, I am such a kuripot lady).

Sensual Amber lotion from Bath and Body Works is my precious lotion which I love the smell so much. St. Ives is also great for your skin to stay young looking.

And the moisturizer for my face? OLAY.
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  1. month-long free shampoo/conditioner? wahhh, sana ako din:)))
    thanks for joining girl:)

  2. I had my hair rebonded last month (mura lang because a friend of my cousins' did it here at home) and it was my first time. I liked the results! My hair is normally frizzy kasi so having it rebonded, the change was quite obvious. I am currently using a Dove shampoo and conditioner combo and I'm loving it! Medyo may kamahalan nga lang.