Saturday, October 23, 2010

Entrecard it is!

I didn't know about web traffic and the like when I started this blog of mine ten months ago. But somebody invited me to Entrecard and I can't remember who, I should thank her for doing so because being a member of Entrecard brings viewers to my blog.

Aside from bringing viewers and enough traffic to my blog site which encourages me to write more, there are also blogs that I came to know because of Entrecard. These blog sites have many to offer, ideas on different things, about travels, about contest and I have gained blogger friends too.

So, if you have a blog, and you want to meet new friends, discover new things, read intellectual or funny lines or two, then you should sign up for Entrecard at

And right now, you could earn 5000 EC credits if you sign up and do some blogging about their contest.


  1. sis check mo email mo kasi may URL sila na ibibigay para sa post mo....para makita nila yung post mo :-)

  2. entrecard has been a great help to me too

  3. @seth:thanks sis, nakita ko na, kasi may blog post sila ehehe

    @chris: oo nga, dba? nagdadala din ng viewers:)