Thursday, October 21, 2010

GT:Page Turner for ME

I don't want to miss any topic for Girl's Talk this months, so here is my entry.
I have learned to read the day I learned how to walk. Okay, that was an exaggeration, again. I love to read, how many times I need to tell my readers about that?hahah

So, my entry for today might probably left my readers thinking of who that author was, unless she is 30 years old and up. You see, when I was in high school I always stay at our school library. Many of our books even text books are donations. I have discovered this great author through her old books, az in, they are really SUPER OLD that some pages were almost torn and thank God it is hard bound. I can't get my hands off at these novels, Agatha Christie's novels. Maybe that is why I love mystery books like Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys because of her. The books I have read were : The Body in the Library, At Bertram's Hotel, A Carribean Mystery, Halloween Party, The Mirror Cracked from Side to Side, The Thirteen Problems and some other books that I have forgotten.

Another favorite author of mine is Patricia Cornwell, especially the Kay Scarpetta series. I just can't put down Post-Mortem once I started reading it, so I have finished it in 3 hours.


  1. woooo ^_^ sa daming beses mo sinabing you love reading ganon din ka daming sinabi kung hindi ako bookish sis ^_^ hihi

    Happy GT ^_^

  2. I know right, she's a genius when it comes to this genre. She's my uber fave too and ive read all 18 novels of the Kay Scarpetta series....

    Here's my entry:

  3. naku walay koy entry, di ko mahilig ug hadlok hadlok.. di ko katulog..hahaha.. agi ko zoan..

  4. nice read! thanks for sharing your interest in reading...great to visit a reading buddy in here @ GT moments. TC!

  5. (Sorry if the comment is doubled, nag tatime out ang connection ko eh...)

    I haven't read Patricia Cornwell, so she writes murder-mysteries ba? What book would you recommend me to start with? Thanks Z!

  6. Patricia Cornwell is also one of the authors who is a NYT Bestseller's regular.

  7. hmmm.. i haven't read any by Patricia Cornwell. but with such 'endorsement i think it's about time i get myself a copy of any of her books, lol!

  8. Cruel and Unusual was my first Cornwell read (back in college), and I've fallen in love with the Scarpetta character and have read every single one that came out ever since :)

    read mo na kinsella? :D

  9. this is the second entry that features Cornwell..she must be really good..can't wait to read her works:)

    thanks sa visit at