Thursday, October 14, 2010

GT:Funny Books I have read

I am a wide reader (I believe and I think so), but I can't remember any book in English that is too funny for me to consider it as my entry for this week's Girl's Talk.

If comics (I don't know how to explain it), can be considered as a BOOK, my fave funniest of all time would be Pol Medina's Pugad Baboy and Archie's Digest.

I read Jessica Zafra's Twisted but sometimes I can't understand what she is trying to say (maybe too intellectual for me that I cannot comprehend it).

So, it left me into two choices, Eros Atalia and Bob Ong.

I find Eros Atalia's books funny and witty. With slight sexiness too, believe me, read his second book and see for yourself.
I am a great fan of Bob Ong. I have all his books in my bookshelf that I just can't let the moment pass without showing it off. His books are funny not to the extent that he is degrading my country, he only wants to extend his belief to my co-Filipinos. Reality hurts but sometimes it is FUNNY. Yeah, some of his books have many critics than fans (but hey, they read his books).
Bob Ong and Eros Atalia never failed to tickle me.


  1. Hmm... Nag post ako ng comment dito kanina, di yata lumabas. Hihi..

    I love Bob Ong books. Pero isa lang ang nabasa ko.. The first book, ABNKKBSNPLAko. And it was really funny. Hay, I still have seven more to read.. =D

    Thanks for the drop. Happy GT Thursday!!

  2. wow! i admire ur choices, though, it's too bad i knew nothing of them. heard bob ong quite a few times, i may have hit the shelf to see for myself:)

  3. i have 3 Bob Ongs (ABNKKBSPLAko, Bakit Baliktad and Libro Ni Hudas) those are great books!

  4. I love funny books with witt too. :)

  5. hay naku sis.. makadaan nga ng NB at mabili ang iba pa na Bob Ong books hehehe... isa lang talaga nabasa ko eh.. :)

  6. wow! another bob ong fan! I think I should buy na,mukhang maganda eh. Thanks for dropping by IamRaine blog.

  7. hmmm.. all of them sound really interesting. i heard a lot about bob ong. one great writer we have here!

  8. i've heard of eros atalia but i guess i forgot to check him out. sige pag punta namin national, bili ako nung second book nya ^^

    sorry for the late visit! (bad host. LOL) thanks for joining GT!