Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a mother's wish

When I was young, I used to believe in Fairy Godmother to fulfill my fairytale love story. I did believe in falling stars, and even if I didn’t see one I still hope I could wish on them. And I have never forgotten how we kept on eating chickens just to wish on those wishbones they have.

When I was in grade school all I think about was to be the first honor in my class, nothing more and nothing less.

During high school, I strive hard to be the class valedictorian in order to have full scholarship in a University that I chose to enrol at. Wished to fall in love and loved back but the puppy love didn’t turned out so well.

College days gone by, I am a full scholar but I never get into the dean’s list and its okay. As we grow up, some things changed but I still believe in wishes and fairies. Because when graduation came, I am still one of the chosen few to graduate in my chosen field.

Most of us wished to be on the top, who has not? But only some of us get to the top because we never stopped believing, wishing...

And now that I am achieving my dreams, fulfilling my childhood dreams, what can I wish for?

I am not running for any position this coming May Elections, and so I am not wishing to win at any position, but I hope somebody would lose this time (because we always have the cheaters no losers).

I am not joining any Beauty Contest so I will not wish for the world to have World Peace, but then again, I still hope we can have it even just for a day.

I am just a single-mom, striving hard to give everything my son needs, trying to be his mom and dad at the same time, the only thing I wish is for my son to grow up to be healthy, educated and a good-man.

I am nothing but a mother who loves dearly the gift God has given.

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  1. beautiful indeed. may your wishes do come true. maybe you would like to join my give away too, http://www.melandriaromero.net/2010/05/be-beautiful-and-win-avon-anew-360.html


  2. ouch. this is very touchy.
    you got my vote dear. ;-)

  3. You got a very nice and touchy post here.