Thursday, April 15, 2010

Me and My family


I am Zoan/Jongskie – the blogger from Bukidnon.

My true name is Joanne but most of my friends call me “jong” which they say fits me. I love to take pictures of myself, and I love to pose (frustrated model? Nah, I simply love myself on the pictures... hahaha) but somehow, I still hope I can see my face on that billboards Bayani Fernando wants to take down.

The picture was taken last week in a hotel in Davao City. I went there for business purposes with my cousin who attended a convention about raising hogs. I run my own business and I am still looking for some way to earn more money for my son's future.

I love to eat and I thank God my metabolism is great. I love to read books and magazines. I love to learn new things and meet new friends.

I am a single-mom and proud to be, here is a picture of my little angel JB. He is my life and he is the reason why I keep on fighting and struggling to become someone better than I was before.

My son is the greatest gift I ever had from God. I am working hard to give everything he needs and wants. He is my only son, so what do you expect me to do? eheheh

With his face like that? How can I say no to him?

This is my family (minus my father... he hates cameras). My Mama Cha, my two little brothers (Galil-the big one and Rashid-the little one), my son JB and yours truly. This picture was taken last March, Galil's 21st birthday.

That Litson over there is my gift to Galil. He loves to eat litson. He's just like me plus his fats though.

This is my post for the BC Blogger's Party...


  1. Ang cutie naman ni baby! Ay big boy na pala. hehe
    Ang swerte mo naman you can eat and maintain that figure! Inggit!

  2. thank you sa pagdaan Paula :) oo nga malaki na sya, he just turned 3 yesterday! woohoo

    hmmm minsan din naman inggit ako sa may mga fats :( kasi parang sobranng payat ko nman eh

  3. Hi, came here from bc bloggers party.. how was your party by the way? May litson-paksiw pa ba dha? hehehe.. asa diay ka sa Bukidnon? 6 years mn ko sa Valencia, ky SAIT mn ko nag-college. Na-intriga mn jud ko ky Bukidnon bah.. heheh.. I miss Buk. so much nah.. I was also assigned in Malaybalay before too, for my work. As in I had lots of memories of Buk. :-) Nice to know you.. you're baby is so handsome! Pakurot.. ;)

    Here's my BC Blogs diay:
    Cacai M.'s Place
    Thoughts, Ideas and Resources
    Cacai's Steps and Journey.. ~hugs~

  4. hello zoan! :D glad to visit you today here! happy BC bloggers!

  5. @Cacai:sa Pangantucan ang amoa :) pirme ko sa Valencia karon tungod sa akong business...thanks for visiting my blog, bibisita din ako sa iyo :)
    @Chris:happy BC bloggers :)

  6. nice to meet you mommy Zoan such a cool name...and you baby is such an adorable one...cutie! cutie! dropping by from BC Bloggers :-)

  7. Hi Joanne~ nice to know you! yeah your baby is very adorable! take care there! and God bless you and your family~

  8. @seth: hello, thanks for visiting my blog..
    @debrajill: nice to know you too...

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  10. hi zoan! nice to get to know you more!☺

  11. your family is adorable! :D

  12. Hi Zoan nice to meet you, Bukidonon is not so far from Davao, Hope we can meet. unya na lang pag mouli nako..

    please visit mine;

  13. Good looking boy! We should all be thankful that God gave us our kids, gaano man sila kakulit. Keep up the good fight. And I miss the lechon. Just dropping by from the BC Bloggers. God bless!

  14. naku di pala ako nakapagcomment dito, pero alam ko nabasa ko na ito. :)