Thursday, April 8, 2010

GT: My Fave Junk FOOD :D

I am definitely a junkie – junk food addict. I’ve been addicted to “botchoi” and “ding-dong” during my elementary days, Mr. Chips and Chippy when I was in high school and V-Cut thereafter. I love chips and everything in it.


  1. i am the opposite of you, but v cut is yummy!

  2. woohoo
    @cecile:i am a certified junkie :D anyway, I am trying to slow down on eating junkfoods now because I know its not good for me :(
    @marice: yeah, it's soooo yummy and tasty :d and HOT.. ahaha

  3. ay sarap nmen kasi yang Vcut ganda!!! heheheh we have the same choices nugn bata pa ko hihih

    thanks for joining Gt ha
    ingat lagi!!

  4. @niko welcome gurl, ng eenjoy din naman ako eh

  5. I used to love V-cut too when I was still in P.I
    And looking onto this photo made me feel on wanting this.
    Thanks for the visit Mommy Zoan.Hope to see you again!Happy Sunday!:D

  6. @seiko:hello :) when you get visit the Phils, lets throw a V-Cut Party :D ehehe