Thursday, April 1, 2010

GT: My Comfort Food

I don't have a picture of my comfort food, because it is not always that my mom cooks it. My mom cooks my favorite hamonada during Christmas, New Year’s and my birthday only which happens once in a year.

It definitely looks delicious, so if I post the picture here you will be drooling.

(p.s. I am in the hospital right now, asthma attacks again)


  1. oh so sorry to hear that...hope you feel better soon! sarap nga ng comfort food mo eh...hamonado...mag du drool nga kami pag nakita namin ang pix :-)

  2. ang baby ko ang inatake :( kawawa nga :( tsaka oo, sa birthday ko i edit ko tong post na ito para ma post yuhng pix hahaha

  3. ow i would like to seee your mom's hamonada!!!! weeeeh. you can post it nxt time so we can drool and we can wait dont worry :) hihihi

  4. wehhh yeah niko, next time ehehe and don't ever ask me for the recipe because i dont know how to cook it ahaha

  5. oh,I hope your child will get better.
    hamonado is delicious talaga. sana makapagpost ka ng picture nyan. hehe