Thursday, March 25, 2010

GT:I rather hide this

I rather hide this?? This is the hardest post I will ever make for Girls Talk! because I simply love taking my pictures, I love to upload my pictures in facebook. It was so hard to find a picture of me that I haven't uploaded yet (hahaha).

So, here it is:

This picture was taken last Monday, during Tia's birthday (my niece) we took some funny pictures, and one of them is this one. Yeah, I rather hide this one... crazy pic! hahaha


  1. hee.. cute :D

    mine is up

  2. hahahahaa!!Sobrang ma-kwela ang pic mo dear!^_^

  3. how can u make a face like that? :D
    super funny! :))

  4. what a make face....cute pa rin nman kahit nakamake face ka sis...

  5. funny....

    Just passing by from Girls Talk and here's mine:

  6. you look so cute on this picture. so playful in front of the camera.. u shld make this your profile pic on FB :) this will brighten up someone's day for sure.. coz it brighten mine!!

    thanks for joining GT girl. april theme is up na ha.. silip ka na hihih

    tc lagi!

  7. Cute naman ah, kaya nga funny pic di ba? kasi kakatuwa. Di naman need na lagi tayong mukang artista sa mga pictures, ako eh mas maraming nakakatakot na pic kesa nakakatuwa, hehehe..

  8. heheh yeah right :) thanks for the visit girlies :D