Thursday, March 18, 2010

Girls Talk - 1st post

I just joined Niko’s meme which is called Girls Talk. The topic for this week is Sexiest Body Part. Definitely it is not my boobs or my butt. Some people say it is my long legs. But I don’t have a hubby like Kaye has who could decide what’s my sexiest body part so I would just post my picture here and you can decide for yourselves girls.

(and oh, It’s too late to take pictures so I just used my pic from my last birthday)


  1. definitely your long legs:) you look like you still haven't given birth, still in shape :)

  2. so pretty, sexy!! hehe..

    check mine

    about KL mm... I am not there me in Selangor.


  3. legs mo nga ang ang tangkad mo pala :-)...welcome to the GT/GR :-)!

  4. @chelzy: thanks :)
    @sherry:i am in the Phils already... I went to KL last feb 25 to feb 27 then i stayed in KLANG hotel in selangor i think :D on march 3 :)
    @cecile: medyo matangkad nga.. ehehe

  5. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah long legs.. ang sexy!!! nainggit ako bigla!!! waaaaaaaaah

  6. ei thanks for joining GT ha.. and welcome!! hope to see u on all thursdays hihih