Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wishing for a Baby Girl

When I got pregnant, I wished for a baby girl but God gave me a baby boy and I am happy for having him in my life. But why would I wish for a baby girl? I wanted to have a baby girl because I am a girl once in my life and I wanted to have someone who I can share my wishes and dreams when I was young, who I can play with the stuffs I like, who I can dress up with, and talk about make-ups, fashion and boys in the future. In short, I wanted to have someone who can be a little me.

Aside from those reasons, baby girls look cute when they wear baby jewellery. Some of my friends who have baby girls got their girls’ ear pierced before their girls turn one year old. They look so cute and adorable and sometimes I envy my friends for having baby girls because when they become toddlers they would definitely look good wearing fashionable gold necklaces and bracelets.

I have a baby boy now but I am hoping when I get married, I will have a baby girl of my own but still, it all depends on God’s wishes.


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