Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swatch Giveaway from Domestic Cherry

Last March, I joined Cherry's CK bag giveaway but sad to say, I am not the lucky winner but another blogger friend of mine, Ria :) congrats gurl!

And this month, Cherry is giving away this one :

and these things too : a gunmetal bracelet, and a set of body care products from the US. Retail value, approx P5,000.

Steps required to join the giveaway:

1. Like her Facebook page (if you haven’t liked it already and use your personal page and not your fan page or else it won’t count) and leave her a message on her FB wall so Ishe'll know you’re joining. No message, no entry.

2. Follow her on Twitter here.

3. Send this Twitter message “Follow @girl4all, you can win one Jeremy Scott Limited Swatch plus more. Please RT”

After doing those steps, you can now do all these tasks for additional entries:

1. Connect with her via Google Friend Connect here and her other blogs: 1716south & Secondhand Philosophy. {2 pts for each blog}

2. Subscribe to this blog, 1716South, Secondhand Philosophy & Really Interesting Projects via email. {3 pts for each subscription}

3. Reblog this giveaway post complete with photos and links to all her 4 blogs including this giveaway post. {5 pts}

4. Tweet the message above once a day and leave Twitter URL so she can verify. (3pt}

5. Comment on any of her posts. {1pt each}

6. Post this on your wall with a link to this giveaway post: Like @Domestic {cherry} and get a chance to win a Jeremy Scott Winged Swatch and more! Don’t forget to leave the link here so I can verify otherwise it won’t count. {3pt}

When you’re done doing any or all of the above, please leave a comment here stating your name, email address, twitter username, facebook username, twitter URL and blog URL.

Leave your comments at the contest page.

1 comment:

  1. thanks for joining again and good luck! hope you get lucky this time around. btw, you can tweet about this giveaway or post a status in FB once a day to earn more points. don't forget to leave a comment with your links=)