Thursday, April 7, 2011

Collection as a Hobby

When I was young, I used to collect paper stationeries. Every time my mom goes to the city I always ask her to bring me paper stationery that is unique and different. I still have those with me until now; they are tuck and safe in one of my drawers. Aside from that, I also collect stamps, I bought some and some were taken from different letters that has been sent to me by my friends from different places.

As I grow up, my love for collecting different things has always stayed with me. The next thing I collected was postcards, key chains, different souvenirs from different countries and even t-shirts with different prints of places I have and have not visited. Yes, it is expensive to collect things but if you have a heart for it, the cost will not hurt you. You can start collecting paper bills from different countries or coins from different countries, you do not need to pay for it, you can ask your friends who have visited the place and maybe they have spare souvenirs that they can share to you.

There are people who collect for a living, and there are also people who collect things as a hobby. I know Imelda Marcos has a collection of jewelleries and shoes which are normal for rich people, some celebrities and famous people collects expensive cars, houses, bags and even toys which are collectors editions. But we cannot afford that right? We can start collecting things which we value but are cheaper than those things.


  1. mine is a collection of books, lol!

  2. we are a family of collectors hihi, i featured our collections in my blog too :)

    dropping EC love and am your newest follower :)