Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jb's 4th Birthday

Today is Jb’s 4th birthday. We will celebrate it this coming Sunday, April 24, 2011. But we will not let this day pass without giving Jb a treat for his natal day and my brother said he will be the one to pay for our lunch at Jollibee as his gift for Jb. So we will only have to spend the day together with our family, a simple lunch date at Jollibee I guess.

But this coming Easter Sunday, I have prepared a private pool party with all the things that a kid would surely enjoy for his 4th birthday. I have bought a Piñata – filled with chocolates and candies, for his friends to feast on. I also prepared loot bags with toys inside for every kid who will be with us on Jb’s birthday.

Jb is excited for his coming birthday because he has seen his birthday tarpaulin that was given to him by his Godmother Lori. He is also excited to receive tons of birthday gifts from his Godparents and relatives. I only wanted the best for my son and with that I will give him everything he wants and everything he needs to be happy. We are a family of two, a mom and a son, but it didn’t keep us from being happy.

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  1. Happy happy birthday... as a gift, you can grab your award in my blog being so versatile! Great day!