Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ganda Ever So Much-AKO?

I stumble upon through Vernz's blogsite when she posted about the site here. I don't know how or why I click the link, maybe because I love freebies and I love to join the contest that's why I head on to I know I am lucky but I guess I was too late to join the WEEK #2 Be the Lucky Commenter Contest.

Ganda Ever So Much!

Do I have to really write my first impression about the blog site? Guess I need to in order to qualify, right? Well, I like the blog design, it is easy to navigate on the pages I want to see or to check out the archive and read the posts I want to know more about. Aside from the gold on the frog's teeth, the butterflies catches my attention and it keeps me from wandering away.

Here I am, answering all the questions Orman has posted, just like a beauty contest. And for the million dollar question which states : "Why do you keep coming back on this site?" , the answer lies not only on the site itself but on the owner of the site as well. I love the site itself, because I can relate. There are so many things to know in this world and you can start learning it through reading Orman's site. I am a newbie blogger and I know I can gain a lot in aside from winning those prizes (though, I would love to win. winkwink). Aside from gaining and learning, visiting and reading makes me laugh for no reason at all. Everybody needs a laugh once in a while to lighten your heart from too much stress so head on to Orman's site and give yourself a break. The owner, Orman, is a very interesting and a nice person(I don't know him that much but I can see through his posts).

This is my post for Orman's blogging contest, you can join me by checking out the contest mechanics here.


  1. thanks zoan for joining! you're in! watch out for the final results tomorrow...

  2. zoan, please include my blog site to your blog roll... yan na lang kulang mo to qualify...