Thursday, July 1, 2010

GT : I love my BODY

Girls Talk

I am not on my desk right now, but I can't miss Girl's Talk, so I am using the BF's lappy to make my blog post. I know I'm not gonna miss Niko that much because she still joins GT every Thursday, and GT has a new home "beautyqueengene" by Kaye.
This week the topic is "Physically", I know I have to brag about myself, so please bear with me just this time.
I love my long legs, my eyes and my cute waist. I have very long-legs that I can make my chin and my knees meet each other (yeah, really). Many people would say that the first thing they notice are my eyes, maybe because it is the door to my soul? Perhaps. And last but not the least, I super-love my waist, I already gave birth but my waistline is still 24 inches (do I need to show it?)
Because I am using my BF's lappy, I tried to hunt for some pictures of my beautiful self and voila, I found this:

Simply perfect.


  1. Long legs indeed! Very pretty!

    Mine's up HERE.

  2. waw legs! :D I wonder when will I have legs? I'm too small for my age. They even tell me that my son and I were siblings. haha.


  3. hmp ka.. ahaha

    ang seksi mo nga.. take care of that body

  4. you look great!

  5. witwiw! hehe. namiss ko tuloy ung duyan namin. di na nakakabit e. nalaglag na kasi si svet dun. haha!

    thanks for joining GT! looking forward to seeing more of you in the coming weeks!

  6. wow, Charing! hahahah,,, ahem BFs lappy jud diay Joanne... heheheh I agree! heheh.. My GT Entry is here

  7. how i wish i have those long are a one hot, sexy momma!

  8. That is a perfect photo for showing of your flawless legs!Thumbs up for that! And ur BF keeps it in his laptop? How sweet is that? awww :) I envy you for that waist line ~mwah

  9. I like your legs sis.. perfect yung long legs mo... I also love your nose..

    Happy Girls Talk

  10. Awww, isn't that cute :) He kept that picture in his lappy? You look sexy in that picture too :)

  11. aww.. i wish may ganyan din akong legs..inggit mode lang.. hahaha

    Pangbeauty queen..

    * will add you in my blogroll..

  12. long legs nga. You are pretty indeed :)