Saturday, June 26, 2010

I won in MelandRia's giveaway

LuckyZoan strikes again.
I don't how or why Mr. Luck is on my side, but thanks anyway for all those great prizes I have won on the internet.

I won Avon's Anew 360 degrees white in melandria's contest.

I don't spend big amount of money in order to be beautiful, I simply wash my face with water to keep all the dirt away. But now that I have Avon's Anew 360 degrees white, I might try it to keep my skin look younger and beautiful.

Thanks Ria.


  1. wow congratulations sayo sis! you are so lucky talaga!

  2. hello kayce oo nga ehehehe

  3. Grabe wala ako masabi sa pagkalucky mo sis! Sana makuha ko kahit konti jan sa luck mo :) Congrats!

    At, hindi ko alam na nag HK Disneyland ka pala! May post ka ba about it? :)


  4. hello vera, check out my other site for my trip abroad ehehehe

  5. kaya zoan, mag-giveaway kana uli... hahahah...pls. supprt my new blog.. di halatang adik... hahah! sige na... mamugos diay...

    Table for Five

  6. congrats sis dont forget to review this product :D