Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Will I do if I won $100 on the internet?

This is my official entry for Noel and Levy’s thanksgiving contest.
I am a single-mom, working hard for my son, trying to give him everything he needs and wants.

After fulfilling all his needs, I try to give him the things that make him happy simply because I love him. And so, here I am buying the toys that I thought would last for a year or so.
But guess what, this toy only lasted for a month. I tried to fix it, and brought it to a machine shop, and the guy welded the two pieces together up the front side, after two weeks, the seat and the tires in the back let loose. Poor baby JB. He loves it so much but I don’t understand how he broke the poor toy.

And this one right here is the older one. At least it lasted for half a year before JB breaks it and he was crying so hard because he fell in love with it and we can’t fix it.

I thought to myself that I am wasting so much money for toys that don’t last for long. It hurts my pocket and it breaks my baby’s heart.

So, if I will win $100 on the internet, I will surely buy something durable toy car even if it is expensive. I know I found the perfect toy somewhere in Pehpot’s blog so I hunt her site for the picture. And here it is :


  1. Hello. I have nominated your blog as one of teh emerging influential blogs of 2010..


    if you will also be submitting your nominations, I hope you take time to visit www.morefoodadventures.com, my food blog--- and maybe ganahan pud ka magnominate sa iyaha.. well, it's not really an exchange of nominations... hehehe..

    I hope you win, you deserve it..

  2. okay mommy dharlz :) will check it out.. thanks mwuah

    ugma nlang kay hinay au akong net dri sa bukid :(

  3. ahaha oks lang as long as hindi mo inangkin na sayo ung anak LOL

    no problem :)

    and yeah, that truck is super adorable.. you should wait until december kase they usually sale that 50% off hehe

  4. waw my blogspot ka din! :)

    i gez datz how d mothers is.. dakila! :)

  5. @pehpot:haha di ko aangkinin baka kasohan na ako nyan. ehehehe
    @kayedee:meron ka din? tsaka hanep ha, natunton mo ako dito hehehe

  6. Such a cute kid. Kung ganyan ka-cute ang anak ko kahit ano ibibigay ko. :)

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  8. go go go! you can do it sis!! :)

  9. aaaww. ang cute ni baby jb. ang sarap siguro makita how happy he'll be pag naibili mo na cia ng toy car. hope you win. =)

  10. kung para sa toy car ng baby mo,angkas na din ako.hehehe!

    may iba ka pa palang blog.ngayun ko lang din to natuklasan.

    magndang araw sa inyo ng baby mo,jong!

  11. thanks franny, go lang talaga ng go :)
    ma rech, thanks for the visit, i miss you :)
    kuhracha,cute din naman kasi ako dba? eheheh
    duking, meron nga, mabuti nadalaw mo.. ehehe

  12. talagang lahat ng paghihirap ng isang ina ay para sa anak.. good work, mom zoan!


  13. Aw :) You'll get him that toy truck soon, i can feel it :)


  14. for a mom who will do anything for child, you deserve to win~

  15. at muling nagbalik sa kwarto mo... cute naman ng baby mo!