Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thanks To YOU

There are a lot of things I should thank for the past year.

First, I didn’t know that God would grant my wish for almost 24 years of existence which is to ride a plane. Simple, reachable and yet one of my dreams. I was chosen as one of the SEAChange delegates that’s why I had my first flight and my first out of the country experience last November.

Second, I am thankful to God for allowing me to enjoy a vacation out of the country for free. Thanks to some online contests that I have joined.

Third, my little boy just turned three last April 20 and he enjoyed our little birthday party for him. Seeing my son so happy makes me complete and fulfilled as a mother.

Fourth, I finally had a laptop and a new phone.

And lastly, I am thankful that my business is doing well I am able to build my own “bodega”.

This is my entry for Teacher Ria’s Contest.

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  1. Wow! Free travel!!! That's really something to be grateful for :-)

    here's another one:

    congratulations!!! you are officially the EARLY BIRD winner for my contest :-) will email you soon for details regarding your prizes!

  2. woohoo yepey thanks teacher Ria :)

    yeah i am grateful for the opportunities that came to my way these past few years...

    andun pala sa http://jongskie721.wordpress.com ang lahat ng links ng blogs mo :)