Thursday, May 13, 2010

GT : Friends from School

To make things different, let's start from my College Friends...
These are my friends from Xavier University. This picture was taken last July 21, 2006.

These are the people I consider as my REAL GURL FRIENDS in my college life...
They are Corie, Jalex, and Mercy. Until now we call and text each other from time to time and do meet ups if we had the time.

And this is my bestfriend since highschool until now, meet EMAK!!! Even though we are far away, she is currently in Japan, we still manage to send emails and chat everytime we are both online. She is the sister I never had, and I will always treasure the moments we had together. This picture was taken when our other bestfriend, JAG, got married (I am still scavenging my cds for our pic).

And this picture was taken last December 2002, during our batch party. These are my Highschool friends.

Glad I am able to find some old pics (wasn't able to scan some old pics because of the election fever and election hangover). Please bear with me...


  1. your lucky you still have your friends pictures, mine was left at my sisters house haist mine is up thanks

  2. lovely... you still got communication ..

    here mine ..

  3. sis where are you from? cause i can see your from xavier u nag school.

  4. kgaganda naman ng mga BFFs mo girl!!! hihih nice to meet them here at GT!!

    anyways, sori for the late visit ha, kkaayos lng ng net ko eh hays. will do my entry for this week's gt later.. hihih

    thanks for joining GT!!