Sunday, May 16, 2010

Farm Girl turns Blogger

I finally decided to make a new blog. Say hello to my other blog which caters my farm and business life.

In here I would share all the things I do in my farm and in my business. Moreover, I will also share my experiences as a blogger.

Take the journey with me here.


  1. uy that's something new ha.. pag ayos na links ko will include it on my links..

    haha you don't need to do that when you comment on my blogs kase may links na agad dun hehe

  2. hahahah sabagay Peh, uma appear kaagad yung blog ko dba? pag nilagay ung url? eheheh

    tsaka oo nga, gumawa ako ng isa pa yung para lang sa farm at business at blogger life na walang halonh contest hahahahaha

  3. Hello there! Visiting you here. I am also inviting you to join my blog giveaway. Hope you have the time to join. Thanks!

  4. hello mommy ruby, cge cge i will join na din :)

  5. wow congrats on your new blog sis! ;-)