Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Day at A Time (REVIEWED)

Rache The Blogger

I don’t know Rache, the owner of One Day at a Time site. And today I am making a blog review.

It’s nice to meet new people and know them through their blogs. I can see in her site that she is a very girly lass because of its color and style.

The site is very reader-friendly, it’s easy to navigate and found the posts you want to read on. Obviously she makes money through sponsored posts and adgitize.

Like Rache, I think we need some security cameras too, because my bedroom has been ransacked a few years back and I just couldn’t bear the thought of having the robber with me on the same room. Good for Rache her husband thought of putting some nails on their cement wall to avoid robbers.

Rache is a member of GT. Girls Talk that is, but I have never visited her site, my bad. I hope I can make up with the lost times and get to know her more. She is a very good mom and a very happy and fulfilled wife as I can read and see in this post.

One Day at A Time is definitely a blog worth visiting for.


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