Sunday, May 30, 2010

Havaianas Slippers from Maria

I consider myself a contest-addict. And because of that I won in My Maria’s Contest.
I won myself a pair of Havaianas slippers just by guessing Maria’s time of birth. The mechanics was simple but you need to have pure luck in order to win. Because a lot of people joined the contest and I didn’t even get the right answer but my answer is the closest.

Here is my prize:

Thank you so much Maria. You can visit her site Basta Igat, SIKAT! And find out that she is absolutely a very stunning lady. Aside from having a pretty face, she is also a very intelligent gal.

Right now she is having a “Thank you for Voting Contest” and you might wanna join to win a new pair of Havaianas slippers.


  1. Wow! congratulations sis! ikaw pala ang nanalo sa guessing contest nya... ;-)

  2. Hope you like the pair I picked out personally for you sis! Keep the Havaianas Love alive!!! Mwah!

  3. @kayce:yeah, ako yung nanalo ng slippers.. ang saya2 eheheh
    @maria:yeah, i super love it eheheh

  4. wow congrats sis! nice pair..

    BTW, I am now collecting pledges on my upcoming contest which will officially start on June7. You've pledged $10, thank you so much! I will appreciate if you can send it to my paypal account before the contest start. email add:

    I will do my best na lahat ng sumali may something ma makukuha para walang talo :)