Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cars and Me

I just had my pickup truck changed oil last April because I can see oils leaks already. I am not a mechanic so I am not good at knowing if my car is in good condition just by listening to its engine’s sounds. The one who is good at checking my pickup’s condition is my brother but he is not always here. Internet is the next big help I can get, tried to search everything in order to know more about cars and how to maintain its condition at the right level.

I have checked a site about cars and glad that I have found their share about Car Fluid Leaks and what to do when they leak or before they leak. At first, I do not know how to check my engine oil and where it is located but just by reading the post about it, I realized how to check it and that I should not overfill the engine oil because it can cause much more damage than having too little oil.

I have also learned that almost always the clutch and brake reservoirs are separated for safety reasons. And that I needed to check them every day to avoid getting an accident. Having web sites like RepairPal is a good thing because they are a great help for car drivers like me.

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  1. we use this "car MD" sis.. a small gadget that analyzes the car and tells you what's wrong with it. hopefully magkaroon na rin nito sa pinas soon.