Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Web Hosting for me and you

When I started blogging, I never realized how far I will go. At first, I just blog for online contests, for fun, for myself and for my family. But now, I still blog for myself but somehow I learn that there is more to blogging than that. I learned about web hosting and SEO, and how important they are to blogging. Though I am not good at this technical things and I can’t even understand them sometimes, I know that I needed to learn more about them for my best interest.

When I started to have my own blog I needed someone to do some managed hosting service for me. Because I don’t know what to do with it, I better leave all the techy things with the people in charge in order to guarantee their quality of service to me. I know I don’t need colocation as of the moment, but people who have small businesses and the likes who have web sites of their own needed this one. Colocation has many advantages that is why it is the best option for small business owners who have web sites and don’t have the capacity and the money to have their own IT department.


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