Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Need for Credit Card

I am a Credit Card user for more than 2 years now and I didn’t regret of applying for it when my Bank Manager told me so. At first I was hesitant, simply because we don’t have that many stores here who accept credit card. So I said to my Bank Manager that I don’t need it and why should I apply for it, but still he insisted it to me and told me the pro’s and con’s of having one. So, I gave in and I am happy. I never regretted it because now I don’t have to bring with me a lot of cash when I am out shopping.

I use my credit card in shopping for dresses, shoes, even my son’s toys and apparels. And I see to pay for it before the due date in order to avoid the interest. I am glad that even when dining out or while filling my gas tank; I can use my credit card without too much hassle.

Restaurant merchant account is a good investment for different restaurant owners because many people now owns a credit card and they always use this so called “plastic” when eating out. Credit Card nowadays is a precious plastic that cannot be left at home.


  1. it's more convenient to shop with credit card but need limitation :)

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  2. I was a little hesitant about activating mine, because I thought it will just add up on my "temptations" but I found out its a great tool - but lots of discipline is needed to avoid financial mini-crisis.