Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally, Prizes has arrived

Ooohhh, Looky-looky what do we have here: (a package from 2GO)!
And you probably know what 2GO means.
It means, PRIZES!!!

And these are the things which are inside the package:

I won these items from Yapatoots contest last year and I am happy that finally I have receive them.


  1. wow! congrats sis...great prizes ;-)

  2. congrats zoan!!! :D

    by the way, care for exlinks?just ping me if you do and done saving my blogs, so i can save ur blog too in my blogs.. :D and oh, im your recent follower in Google Friend Connect, hope u can follow my three blogs too..Have a blessed Sunday!

    I am...but GAGAY.
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  3. congratulations! :D

    by the way, you mentioned that you wanted to help Gentle Hands.. please email me at amador dot christine at gmail dot com what you want to share with them..

    many thanks!