Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stylish Voyager Blog Badge

Finally, I now have a blog badge for my Stylish Voyager blog site. I am not good in making badges or editing pictures, and thanks God for sending an angel to my life. Mommy Rubz has made a blog badge for my site because I don't have one and I am one of the few people who loves on commenting in her blog. She needed a badge in order to advertise us (yes, she is that generous). Some blog sites don't advertise for FREE.

You can visit my fashion/travel blog when you click the image above.


  1. hi.. :) thanks for dropping by my site..:) .. i gotta agree with what you said about mommyrubz. :) she is indeed generous. ;) actually she made me a badge, too. and she has helped me with my two new blogs. :)
    the http://joahnavern.info and http://twingirl.info blogs. :) thanks to her. :)

    til next time zoan. :)

  2. Hello Joan... salamat sa laag wala pa jud ko kablog hop kay exam pa namu.. hehehe... isend nako sa imung FB... cute imung badge.. ako was pa tanan hahaha..