Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scrubs and Nurses

I was away for awhile because of too many reasons but surely getting back to school wasn’t one of them. When we talk about school I can always recall my college days and why I have chosen Accountancy among other courses offered by my school. Perhaps I wasn’t that inclined to work for anything else than being a bookkeeper or an accountant. Though sometimes when I watch TV series like House or Scrubs and watch those pretty nurses wearing nursing scrubs I wonder if I look cute and cool on those things too.

And while thinking of wearing those cute colored scrubs, where to buy cheap scrubs also comes to my mind because in today’s economy, we need to think of ways to save money and still look fabulous at work. Being wise in buying stuffs you need is a key to saving more money for the rainy days.

I didn’t regret that I am an accountancy graduate because it is a great help to my family’s business but still if I had the chance or if ever I will have that chance, I would love to enrol in a nursing school and try on those nursing uniforms that always reminds me of kind-hearted people who helps in taking care of the sick people because they can and they know how.


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