Thursday, February 10, 2011

I wanted to be FIT and maybe WIN this Giveaway

Fat Girl No More which is owned by Ria turns 1 and she is hosting a giveaway. Because Fat Girl No More is all about Ria's journey towards losing weight every day, the giveaway requires the blogger or entrants to answer this question : "What is your weight loss/health and fitness goal for this year and how do you intend to achieve this?"

What is in store for you? A lucky blogger will receive $50 through Paypal and another lucky winner will also win $25 as a special prize. It is so easy peasy to join this giveaway, so why not try your luck?

Of course, this giveaway will not be possible without those kindhearted bloggers who shares their blessing to co-bloggers so let us all thank them :
As for me, here is my answer to the $50 question:

I have no weight problem. Wait, that is a very wrong conclusion, I do have weight problem, I want to gain weight but my body doesn’t approve it. I mean, I eat and eat and eat whatever I like whether it is full of fats and carbohydrates but still, I am not gaining any weight. I am so skinny that people thinks I don’t eat that much or I forced myself not to eat but in truth, I am eating way too much.

So I have no weight loss goal for this year but I do have a fitness goal. I want to be healthy and fit just like any other person here on earth. And in order to achieve this goal, I will stick to my no smoking, no drinking kind of lifestyle. Yes, I don’t smoke and I don’t drink alcoholic beverages, in today’s generation most teens and young adults have engaged themselves into this addictions which not only hurts their health but also their budget. I will also start to force myself into eating more healthy foods and avoid those fatty foods and junk foods even though I wanted to gain a little weight. Why? Because too much fats is also not healthy and will cause health problems when I get old so I better avoid it now and do some exercising, walking I guess.


  1. nah mao jud sis ai.. di naka kinahanglan mag weight loss kay sexy na kaayo ka oi.. weight gain nuon gamay.. hehehe!

  2. If so, then perhaps you are eager to try bodybuilding for yourself to achieve that healthy, well-toned look. The thought of rigorous training through the use of different exercise machines may give you second thoughts about trying such a workout. If you really are eager to add muscle mass in your body but do not like these types of exercises, you can always go for natural bodybuilding.

  3. oh.. i really wish you luck on that, girl!

  4. good luck :) sana lucky ka uli sa akin kahit sasapakin mo na ako kasi may utang pa rin ako sa iyo...di ka kasi nagpakita when you were in manila e!!!