Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My first time in Araneta

I live in Bukidnon and I don't get to visit Manila or Luzon once in a while because of money constraints, it was my first time to go inside Araneta Coliseum last January for the 2011 National Convention of Coca-Cola.

I was excited because imagine, I can only see Araneta Coliseum on televisions but during that day I will be inside that big dome.

These were our tickets in order to get inside:

Every time I watch televisions and celebrities/singers would invite us (watchers/fans) to watch their concerts, I always hear them say that we can get or buy the tickets from TicketNet and guess what, TicketNet also provided the ticket for our National Convention.

For that brief moment, I realized that even though I wasn't given equal opportunities with people who lived in Manila, I can still experience living in Manila for a short period of time.


  1. I've never been there...wow, good for yah!

  2. even if I'm in Manila it's been ages since I went to Araneta, though I always passed by there every now and then.. glad you loved the experience.. :D, btw following back here.. Hope you can visit my other sites and follow if you haven't yet.. thanks

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