Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year :)

7 hours and 27 minutes to go before year 2010 ends.
Me and my Family wants to greet each and everyone of you a Happy New Year!

More online contests to join, more bloggers to met, more prizes to receive :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I WON (again)

I have joined so many online contests that is why I am winning :) I have joined Pinay Mommy Online's Funky Feet Giveaway and though I didn't win a pair of Funky feet socks, I was one of the Special Prize Giveaway winners. I won $10 just by joining Pinay Mommy's Contest.

Thank you PinayMommy and Thank you Proud Mama Store.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goodbye Facebook

I have deactivated my Facebook Account just now and I don't know if I have done the right thing.

I am having a very difficult time in my life right now. I don't know if I will be able to activate it again or if ever I will visit Facebook again.

I have been away in blogging because I have been very busy and I have many things to attend to. But surely, I cannot say goodbye to blogging now.

For those who are my constant companions in Facebook, you can contact me still in my YM and Google account.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I WON in Red's Contest :)

Not the First Prize though but I am so happy to be in the List!

I don't know if you have read my entry about the contest but just in case you want to read it, you can find it here. Read and see why I won or why I deserve to win:)

My entry won as 4th Placer in the Blog Post Contest.

The other people who won are:
Georyl - 1st prize
Lisa - 2nd prize
Levy - 3rd prize
Zoan - 4th prize
Pehpot - 5th prize
Yay! What a Merry Christmas :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Yeah, the month-long contest of Mhel have finally ended and I won :) Hmmm I am one of the lucky few(many actually) who won in Mhel's contest.

I won $10 in the first comment's raffle section of the contest and I also won 200php worth of load in the main raffle.

Thanks Mhel and to the sponsors (including myself ahaha) for the wonderful prizes.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

kero is giving away neckties

Two lucky readers will receive three sets of Jon vanDyk Neckties each from Kero.

This is an International Giveaway. Join now!

I have never own a tie, but I have a friend who loves them, so I would love to join this giveaway and if I win I will give the ties to my friend. So, I want to have the Pink Herringbone Striped Necktie from TieCoon.

I know it would look nice on him because he works in a bank and he loves to dress up, he has so many neckties but a gift from me would probably make his day.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 FUN Things I can do with a New Lenovo Laptop

Well, I really have no idea what FUN really means for other people but I can describe FUN in my own little way. FUN means being able to enjoy what life has to offer. So for me, the 10 FUN things I can do with a new Lenovo Laptop would be:

1. Having a new laptop means having a new IP address, right? So, I can go posting new comments using another account to my blogger friends and they will not know I am the one making those comments if I don’t tell them, so I’d probably go visiting their blog sites and leave comments that would amuse them and let them guess who I really am, isn’t it FUN?

2. I am a social-network ADDICT! And having a new laptop would keep me POSTED for every new updates of my friend’s Facebook’s status, my followed celebrities’ tweets, and I can keep up with my KARMA in Plurk.

3. I can finally LEARN how to edit my pictures, I have a desktop but it is super SLOWWWWW so I can’t download even a decent way of editing my pictures. I am envious of those who know how to edit their pictures with photoshop’s help.

4. Having a Lenovo Laptop also means that I can now use my face in order to keep other people from using it. Instead of having a password, I can let my new Lenovo laptop identify me as the sole owner of that laptop and that I am the only one who could open it.

5. Well, number 4 seems FUN because my two little brothers will not be able to open it and they would go begging me for my FACE (ahaha). So my idea of FUN for number 5 would be, before my two little brothers could play their favorite online or offline games in my new Lenovo Laptop I’m will ask them to kiss and hug me first even though they hate to that.

6. Video Call with my boyfriend who works in New Zealand sounds FUN! I haven’t done that! With a new Lenovo Laptop, nothing stops me from video chatting through Skype or Yahoo Messenger I guess. Imagine making you much closer to your love one with the help of a new Lenovo Laptop, it is more than FUN, it is AMAZING!

7. I can also LISTEN to my favorite songs of all time with the use of the new Lenovo Laptop, nobody could stop me from listening to Frank Sinatra’s My Way, Tom Jones’ Delilah, and Boyzone’s On Bended Knees all over again!

8. I and my son could watch Cars (movie) or Barney or Little Einstein on my new Lenovo Laptop without my mom being bothered for her Willing-Willie time.

9. I can bring with me the new Lenovo Laptop anywhere I went because it is sleek and with only 14” display I can just stuff it into my shoulder bag.

10. Lastly, I could FINALLY teach my mom how to use the internet! I wanted to buy her a laptop or a notebook for Christmas because she doesn’t even know how to turn it on; I want my mom to make her own Facebook account in order to connect with her long-lost friends, brothers and sisters abroad too. It would be FUN because I could also teach her how to blog and maybe we could have a daughter-mother blog site.

Here I go again, making my entry for Yugatech’s Contest, I usually win in Abe’s contest when it is raffled but if he and his friends has the choice of picking the winners, I can’t seem to have Mr. Luck on me or because I can’t tickle their minds that much. But I hope I made them smile this time. :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Which Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop Are You?

I am a Lenovo IdeaPad U160! Light yet Powerful! I can easily see myself in the Lenovo IdeaPad U160, I am thin and light when it comes to my weight and yet people who doesn't know what I am capable of are shocked when the moment my strengths are revealed to them. A person should not judge someone or something based on his looks or what he wears but a person must dig dipper in order to know what is the capability and characteristics of the person/thing he judges.

My official entry to the Lenovo-PTB Great Laptop Giveaway.

Christmas Giveaway Badge

I am not good in making Badges, Vera created the badge of this blog, the LUCKYZOAN badge. That is why I don't have a contest badge, but Nash created a cute badge for my Christmas Giveaway and I am so thankful to her for making such an effort. :)

I meet Nash in Adgitize, yes I saw her name in the forum. THank You Nash for creating a Christmas Giveaway badge, so for the bloggers who wants to join my contest, you can put this badge in your blog and I would be glad to give you another 2 points for that :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Earning Money Online

So far, the best money earning online ways for me are Adgitize and Blogsvertise aside from writing articles.
I also earn through online contests . . . Though you cannot assure yourself of winning, it is worth a try too.

I will post more proof of payments for the coming days, and I will also post different online contests even though i don't join them, in order for my readers to know what are the different contests available online.

My Christmas Wish this Year:A Nokia C7

Why do I deserve a Nokia C7 this Christmas? A question that needs to be answered and yet, nothing comes up with my mind right now. I am really thinking hard, why I deserve to have a Christmas gift so cool and techy.

Ever since, I never bought a mobile phone for myself, aside from the reason that I couldn’t afford one, I think I don’t need to spend so much on a mobile phone where the only thing that do for me is to rob me of my money (note: CELLPHONE LOAD). All my cell phones were gifts, I had my first Nokia cell phone way back in college, it was a gift from my parents because I will be graduating and I never had a cell phone. It was a Nokia 6630, a cell phone with a camera and a memory card, so it was not bad at all. Then when I turned 21, my friend gave me a Nokia N70 as a birthday gift and it was indeed truly a beautiful gift. Because I am a camera whore and I love to capture moments that will never happen again. I never bought a cell phone for myself but I have bought cell phones for my brothers and my mother. Because I know that they deserve to have one, to be able to communicate with each other.

But having a Nokia C7 is a different story. It is by far the most skilfully crafted Nokia cell phone I have ever seen. Just by the looks of it, I simply cannot take away my eyes from it. Having it would definitely turn every person eyes to me with that envious looks because I am holding a very good artwork in my palms. I never appreciated touch screens cell phones because my cousins (who are filthy rich and can afford to buy one) keep on saying that having touch screen phone are not so great because if they forgot to lock it, they will accidentally call somebody or they will lose some contacts when they accidentally press the wrong buttons. But knowing how Nokia C7 touch screen works, I have changed my mind about not having a touch screen phone.

Social networking is the most “in” thing right now, but bringing with you anywhere you go your laptop makes you feel worse. Imagine yourself bringing almost 2 kilograms of weight in your shoulder every day, what would you feel? I feel bad. So here is the greatest innovation cell phone makes have made, integrating social networks to a cell phone. Being a social addict becomes easier. You can easily get live updates of your Facebook friends and check your favorite celebrities’ tweets every minute of the day.

Not all people are great with geography and maps, so having a Nokia C7 would make my life easier. I easily get lost in different cities here in the Philippines but having my own GPS navigation, I will be calm and worry-free driving around towns and cities.

I don’t need to bring my laptop anymore, I don’t need to bring a map anymore, and I don’t need to bring a camera anymore because Nokia C7 captures high-quality photos and HD video using its 8 megapixel camera.

Nokia C7 is what a blogger like me deserves to have. Though I have been blogging for almost a year now, I still consider myself as a newbie in blogging and I realize what a blogger really needs. A blogger needs to have a camera to capture the moments worthy to be blogged about. Aside from that, she also needs a cell phone to communicate with her network of blogger friends, and to be able to know the events they are attending to and will be blogging about. And a blogger needs a laptop in order to post her entries into her blog, but mobile posting can now be done. So all a blogger needs is a Nokia C7, to capture the moment, to communicate with friends and to make blog entries. Nokia C7 is like an item which can do all the things a blogger needs to do. I deserve to have a Nokia C7 this Christmas and that is my wish, because I have been a nice blogger, a nice friend, a nice daughter though there are times I have been naughty this year, it is just minute compare to the good deeds I have done. I deserve to have one, because a blogger like me with so much love and enthusiasm for different things and places that I wanted to blog about needs something that can make my real and my internet world connect. So please, dear Santa, check my wish list and put into my Christmas stocking that perfect gift for me, the Nokia C7, here is a picture of it in case you miss the advertisement.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Everyday Eveready Moments

Eveready has been a part of my grandfather’s father’s life and I am not aware of it, the only thing I am aware of is that Eveready has been a part of my grandparents, parents, relatives, my neighbours and my life.

What would our life be if we haven’t known Eveready? That I do not know. Because Eveready has been there, always been there, a very reliable source of energy when all else fails. My grandparents were the first settlers (that is what the local people call them back then) here in a town of Bukidnon. As far as I know (my parents told me stories about how life works in the mountains), there were no electricity in our town before and all they have was “gasera” (lamps that uses gas/petrol in order to produce light) and the big flash lights powered by Eveready batteries in order to have a temporary light when night time comes. There were no televisions back then because there was no electricity; but having no electricity doesn’t mean that my grandparents are not up to date with the current news because they have their AM/FM radio that is battery-operated.

When I was born, my little town has an improvement and that is “electricity”. Yes, now it would be easy for us because we already have electricity, it became a necessity. Electricity provides us, the town’s people, with the energy that we need in order to have lights in the night, to plug and turn on our black and white television sets, to listen to our karaoke player but still there are times where Eveready is still our choice for some of our needs that Eveready could only provide.

Black outs were still a problem, even until today. And I can still remember before I took my final exams in high school, there was a black out and there is nothing left for me to do but look for Eveready and my father’s flash light in order to help me study with my exams for the next day. If we don’t have it at that time, what will happen to me if I have failed the test? Instead of going to College, I will end up taking 4th year high school again just for the brown out. This may just be a very small part of my life, but it can cause a major problem or a big U-turn for my academic life. So, thanks to Eveready for being there always.

There are things that we don't expect to happen and if we are not prepare for these kinds of events we will suffer different consequences, but being ready will help us overcome the fear of the future and thus will make us more successful in life.

It pays to be ready, and that is to have Eveready always in your house.

DeathbyPlatforms Christmas Giveaway

Did you like what you see in the picture? or perhaps LOVE IT? You have the chance to own it this Christmas by joining DeathbyPlatform's Contest.

It is so easy to join so check the blog site now.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

6/55 Grand Lotto

I know that this post is super LATE. I bought this ticket last November in the hope of winning the Grand Lotto Prize worth 741 million :D But guess what, the winner came from Luzon so it wasn't me then.

But it is okay, I just tried my luck. And guess my luck works only in online contests :D

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Giveaway from Zoan

Christmas time is fast approaching and I am happy to announce that I will be giving away 2 Eue de Toilette from AVON. I will be giving away "Fire me Up" and "Make me Smile" eau de toilette to my lucky readers who never failed to visit my blog and leave a comment. The mechanics will be a very easy one because it is a giveaway and not a contest.

All a participant needs to do:
  1. Share this giveaway in twitter with the link to this post and tag me @zoan721. (2 points)
  2. Then come back here and leave a comment with your name, email address, and url of your twitter post. (1 point)
  3. You are done. Let us just wait for December 25 to come and I will use to choose the winner.
This is not required but if you can leave a comment in my entry for Nomnom Club's contest, I will give you additional 2 raffle entries for this giveaway.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Greenwich Sports Bottle

When we went to Greenwich to eat, I didn't know that they had a promo for that day called "Pop and Get Me". There is a wall full of balloons and you need to pop one in order to get the prize. But you need to buy first in order to qualify for the promo, I don't have a problem with that because we went there to eat, right? So what did we win? Oh, that little Greenwich Sports Bottle over there.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fran's 3rd Place

It's not home;
it's not workplace.
It's that special place in between where
we meet to awaken our senses,
to find inspiration, and
to make lasting connections.

The third place --
this is what we have become for you,
our loyal customer, our friend.
This is an excerpt from Fran's Contest post and in case you have not been in Fran's blog site, she is giving away 3 limited edition Starbucks Planner and I (teary-eyed) simply cannot JOIN (sob). So, I am just spreading out the news for those who are interested to join to visit FrannyWanny and check out her post about the contest.