Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Everyday Eveready Moments

Eveready has been a part of my grandfather’s father’s life and I am not aware of it, the only thing I am aware of is that Eveready has been a part of my grandparents, parents, relatives, my neighbours and my life.

What would our life be if we haven’t known Eveready? That I do not know. Because Eveready has been there, always been there, a very reliable source of energy when all else fails. My grandparents were the first settlers (that is what the local people call them back then) here in a town of Bukidnon. As far as I know (my parents told me stories about how life works in the mountains), there were no electricity in our town before and all they have was “gasera” (lamps that uses gas/petrol in order to produce light) and the big flash lights powered by Eveready batteries in order to have a temporary light when night time comes. There were no televisions back then because there was no electricity; but having no electricity doesn’t mean that my grandparents are not up to date with the current news because they have their AM/FM radio that is battery-operated.

When I was born, my little town has an improvement and that is “electricity”. Yes, now it would be easy for us because we already have electricity, it became a necessity. Electricity provides us, the town’s people, with the energy that we need in order to have lights in the night, to plug and turn on our black and white television sets, to listen to our karaoke player but still there are times where Eveready is still our choice for some of our needs that Eveready could only provide.

Black outs were still a problem, even until today. And I can still remember before I took my final exams in high school, there was a black out and there is nothing left for me to do but look for Eveready and my father’s flash light in order to help me study with my exams for the next day. If we don’t have it at that time, what will happen to me if I have failed the test? Instead of going to College, I will end up taking 4th year high school again just for the brown out. This may just be a very small part of my life, but it can cause a major problem or a big U-turn for my academic life. So, thanks to Eveready for being there always.

There are things that we don't expect to happen and if we are not prepare for these kinds of events we will suffer different consequences, but being ready will help us overcome the fear of the future and thus will make us more successful in life.

It pays to be ready, and that is to have Eveready always in your house.


  1. sis contest ni imong gi apilan?

  2. oo sis, contest sa nuffnang :D

  3. i can still remember using Eveready in our transistor radio, lol!

  4. talagang part na ng buhay ng pinoy ang eveready. naalala ko marami din ako kwento with eveready