Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 FUN Things I can do with a New Lenovo Laptop

Well, I really have no idea what FUN really means for other people but I can describe FUN in my own little way. FUN means being able to enjoy what life has to offer. So for me, the 10 FUN things I can do with a new Lenovo Laptop would be:

1. Having a new laptop means having a new IP address, right? So, I can go posting new comments using another account to my blogger friends and they will not know I am the one making those comments if I don’t tell them, so I’d probably go visiting their blog sites and leave comments that would amuse them and let them guess who I really am, isn’t it FUN?

2. I am a social-network ADDICT! And having a new laptop would keep me POSTED for every new updates of my friend’s Facebook’s status, my followed celebrities’ tweets, and I can keep up with my KARMA in Plurk.

3. I can finally LEARN how to edit my pictures, I have a desktop but it is super SLOWWWWW so I can’t download even a decent way of editing my pictures. I am envious of those who know how to edit their pictures with photoshop’s help.

4. Having a Lenovo Laptop also means that I can now use my face in order to keep other people from using it. Instead of having a password, I can let my new Lenovo laptop identify me as the sole owner of that laptop and that I am the only one who could open it.

5. Well, number 4 seems FUN because my two little brothers will not be able to open it and they would go begging me for my FACE (ahaha). So my idea of FUN for number 5 would be, before my two little brothers could play their favorite online or offline games in my new Lenovo Laptop I’m will ask them to kiss and hug me first even though they hate to that.

6. Video Call with my boyfriend who works in New Zealand sounds FUN! I haven’t done that! With a new Lenovo Laptop, nothing stops me from video chatting through Skype or Yahoo Messenger I guess. Imagine making you much closer to your love one with the help of a new Lenovo Laptop, it is more than FUN, it is AMAZING!

7. I can also LISTEN to my favorite songs of all time with the use of the new Lenovo Laptop, nobody could stop me from listening to Frank Sinatra’s My Way, Tom Jones’ Delilah, and Boyzone’s On Bended Knees all over again!

8. I and my son could watch Cars (movie) or Barney or Little Einstein on my new Lenovo Laptop without my mom being bothered for her Willing-Willie time.

9. I can bring with me the new Lenovo Laptop anywhere I went because it is sleek and with only 14” display I can just stuff it into my shoulder bag.

10. Lastly, I could FINALLY teach my mom how to use the internet! I wanted to buy her a laptop or a notebook for Christmas because she doesn’t even know how to turn it on; I want my mom to make her own Facebook account in order to connect with her long-lost friends, brothers and sisters abroad too. It would be FUN because I could also teach her how to blog and maybe we could have a daughter-mother blog site.

Here I go again, making my entry for Yugatech’s Contest, I usually win in Abe’s contest when it is raffled but if he and his friends has the choice of picking the winners, I can’t seem to have Mr. Luck on me or because I can’t tickle their minds that much. But I hope I made them smile this time. :)

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  1. hey thanks for the comment. i think it depends on your isp whether you change your ip or not .