Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Christmas Wish this Year:A Nokia C7

Why do I deserve a Nokia C7 this Christmas? A question that needs to be answered and yet, nothing comes up with my mind right now. I am really thinking hard, why I deserve to have a Christmas gift so cool and techy.

Ever since, I never bought a mobile phone for myself, aside from the reason that I couldn’t afford one, I think I don’t need to spend so much on a mobile phone where the only thing that do for me is to rob me of my money (note: CELLPHONE LOAD). All my cell phones were gifts, I had my first Nokia cell phone way back in college, it was a gift from my parents because I will be graduating and I never had a cell phone. It was a Nokia 6630, a cell phone with a camera and a memory card, so it was not bad at all. Then when I turned 21, my friend gave me a Nokia N70 as a birthday gift and it was indeed truly a beautiful gift. Because I am a camera whore and I love to capture moments that will never happen again. I never bought a cell phone for myself but I have bought cell phones for my brothers and my mother. Because I know that they deserve to have one, to be able to communicate with each other.

But having a Nokia C7 is a different story. It is by far the most skilfully crafted Nokia cell phone I have ever seen. Just by the looks of it, I simply cannot take away my eyes from it. Having it would definitely turn every person eyes to me with that envious looks because I am holding a very good artwork in my palms. I never appreciated touch screens cell phones because my cousins (who are filthy rich and can afford to buy one) keep on saying that having touch screen phone are not so great because if they forgot to lock it, they will accidentally call somebody or they will lose some contacts when they accidentally press the wrong buttons. But knowing how Nokia C7 touch screen works, I have changed my mind about not having a touch screen phone.

Social networking is the most “in” thing right now, but bringing with you anywhere you go your laptop makes you feel worse. Imagine yourself bringing almost 2 kilograms of weight in your shoulder every day, what would you feel? I feel bad. So here is the greatest innovation cell phone makes have made, integrating social networks to a cell phone. Being a social addict becomes easier. You can easily get live updates of your Facebook friends and check your favorite celebrities’ tweets every minute of the day.

Not all people are great with geography and maps, so having a Nokia C7 would make my life easier. I easily get lost in different cities here in the Philippines but having my own GPS navigation, I will be calm and worry-free driving around towns and cities.

I don’t need to bring my laptop anymore, I don’t need to bring a map anymore, and I don’t need to bring a camera anymore because Nokia C7 captures high-quality photos and HD video using its 8 megapixel camera.

Nokia C7 is what a blogger like me deserves to have. Though I have been blogging for almost a year now, I still consider myself as a newbie in blogging and I realize what a blogger really needs. A blogger needs to have a camera to capture the moments worthy to be blogged about. Aside from that, she also needs a cell phone to communicate with her network of blogger friends, and to be able to know the events they are attending to and will be blogging about. And a blogger needs a laptop in order to post her entries into her blog, but mobile posting can now be done. So all a blogger needs is a Nokia C7, to capture the moment, to communicate with friends and to make blog entries. Nokia C7 is like an item which can do all the things a blogger needs to do. I deserve to have a Nokia C7 this Christmas and that is my wish, because I have been a nice blogger, a nice friend, a nice daughter though there are times I have been naughty this year, it is just minute compare to the good deeds I have done. I deserve to have one, because a blogger like me with so much love and enthusiasm for different things and places that I wanted to blog about needs something that can make my real and my internet world connect. So please, dear Santa, check my wish list and put into my Christmas stocking that perfect gift for me, the Nokia C7, here is a picture of it in case you miss the advertisement.

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