Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blogging with Earthlingorgeous

I have known Earthlingorgeous when I fell in love with joining online contests. Why? She keeps on raffling different beauty products and fashionable items. That is why I always check her blog every now and then for some contests and for some beauty tips. Earth's blog is definitely a great help for a woman like me. It caters some of my needs, just some, because I don't put on makeups but I love to read her different posts and reviews for certain products. If there is one thing I hate about Earth, that would be because I am envious, envious why she could write that reviews with a very meticulous way of telling me about the product and why I couldn't (hahaha).

If ever you need some tips and tricks on how to be beautiful, fashionable and trendy these days, check out Earthlingorgeous and you will definitely get the answers you wanted.


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