Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome Wandering Thoughts Mini Giveaway

I have been away for so long already and my readers probably thought that I have abandoned this little blog of mine but I didn't. I was just too busy with my life outside the virtual world and I was kind of having a little vacation. But now I am back, I am back with all those little and big contest online.

Right now I am joining and giving my love to Mommy Ruby who owns Wandering Thoughts because she is giving away $10.00 to 3 lucky winners who shares their love too.

The contest was so easy, you just need to make a simple blog post, which boast about the contest, and follow the blog through GFC and you are DONE.

You can check out the contest main page here "Welcome Me Mini Giveaway".

1 comment:

  1. "Join my Halloween Giveaway! Win a giant shopper, color block sandals and a bunch of chocolates from Paisley Clothing!"