Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Giveaway Winners

Sorry for the super-delay of the announcement of winners. I have a very hectic schedule last December, too many parties to attend to and too many family gatherings to join, so I wasn't able to raffle off the giveaway.

But, hey, I am here now.
I want to greet you all a Happy New Year! 2010 was a blast, I have joined so many online contests, won different prizes and lost in some contests that I have joined.
As for my Christmas Giveaway, I used the to choose the winner and here they are:

I also used the List Randomizer in order to give every participant a fair raffle.

If you are the winner, please comment here :)


  1. 10! 10! that's me! yay!


  2. congrats:) please send me an email @ jongskie721(@)gmail(dot)com